Table of Contents

Introduction by Katherine S. Gaudet

I: Incarceration, Reentry, and Rebuilding

  1. Living Through a Life Sentence: An Insider’s View of Crime, Punishment, and How to End Mass Incarceration by Bobby Bostic
  2. Three Former “Criminals” by Diane Gottlieb
  3. Life Support: Organizing for Justice Inside and Outside of Prison by Jamel Muhammad, as told to Katherine S. Gaudet
  4. Racism, Abuse, and Restorative Justice: What’s Wrong with Our Criminal Justice System, and How to Change It by Joseph Lascaze

II: Journeys in Law Enforcement

  1. Not an Easy Job: A Police Officer Works to Better His Community in a Difficult Time by Lawan Cancer, as told to Katherine S. Gaudet
  2. From Corrections Officer to Mental Health Court: New Approaches to People Who Commit Crimes by Blair Rowlett
  3. Labeling, Youth Culture, and Trust: Lessons Learned by a School Resource Officer by Patrick Schmucker
  4. A Police Chief ’s Journey to Harm Reduction by Brendan Cox

III: Ripple Effects

  1. Children of Criminals: The Hidden Victims of the Justice System by Anna Roberge
  2. Living Undocumented by Alex Masias; Translated from Spanish by Justin Mixon
  3. They See Me as a Criminal: The Unrelenting Policing of Black Bodies by Seren Sensei
  4. From the Hole to the Whole: A Filmmaker Learns to Look for Joy by Jennifer Fischer

IV: Scholarly Perspectives

  1. What Causes Criminality? Sociological, Biological, and Psychological Theories by McKenzie Wood
  2. No “Criminal” Here: A Conviction Where There Was No Crime by Jessica S. Henry
  3. Vera’s Family: The Community Context of Criminalization by Michelle C. Sermon
  4. Wrongful Convictions of Queer People: Where Bias Meets Faulty Forensic Evidence by Valena Elizabeth Beety
  5. Disability, Aesthetics, and the Making of a “Criminal” by Jasmine E. Harris