Book: Call for Contributors

Contributions are being sought for a book tentatively titled “What Is a Criminal? Stories and Ideas from the U.S. Justice System” (forthcoming from Routledge, 2022). Interested people are encouraged to email

“What Is a Criminal?” is a collection of essays by people who have knowledge of the U.S. criminal justice system from various perspectives—including people who have been incarcerated, people working in law and law enforcement, and scholarly researchers. It will be published by Routledge in 2022, and marketed toward introductory-level courses in criminology, sociology, etc. as well as a general audience. The intent is to emphasize the individual, human stories that get lost in the category of “criminal,” with essays in narrative form—telling stories of individual experiences within the justice system.

Some essays will be written entirely by the contributors, but others will take the form of interviews or “as-told-to” stories, depending on the contributors’ level of comfort with writing. It’s possible to anonymize and change details in some cases; while it’s important that the stories are true and accurate, we want to make sure that no one suffers harm as a result of this publication.

Contributions should be 3000-6000 words and written at a general (not specialized or scholarly) level. They should be fully drafted by March of 2022 in order to allow time for editing and revision. Dr. Gaudet will work with contributors to develop and revise essays, as needed.